Her America: “A Jury of Her Peers” and Other Stories by Susan Glaspell (Iowa 2010)

Edited and with an introduction by Patricia L. Bryan and Martha C. Carpentier, this collection includes “A Jury of Her Peers” and 11 other Glaspell short stories never reprinted since their original publication, most in Harper’s Magazine, the preeminent arbiter of American literary tastes for over fifty years.  Bryan and Carpentier’s introduction places Glaspell’s short fiction in the traditions of Twain’s humor and Poe’s grotesque, and provides startling new data about the publication history of “Jury” — now for the first time, readers have access to the original ending of Glaspell’s most famous work.  Very affordable, this anthology would be a great addition to any course in American fiction.

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To listen to Patricia Bryan’s interview on WUNC, click on July 21.

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