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Celldex’s ADC Glembatumumab-vedotin for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Antibody drug conjugate Glembatumumab vedotin (GV) is in late phase 2 trials for patients with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) – those whose tumors do not express estrogen, progesterone, or HER-2. Approximately 15% of breast cancer patients have TNBC; it is an important area of research for both researchers and clinicians alike because: Continue reading

Glioblastoma Update – Celldex Anti-EGFRvIII Vaccine and Improves Survival; Optune Device Reduces Risk of Death

Celldex’s vaccine against the mutated epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFRvIII), reduced the risk of death from the disease by 47% in a 73-patient randomized Phase 2 study called ReACT. In addition, the survival rate at two years was 25% for patients given the vaccine versus none in the control group. It marks the first time an immunotherapy treatment has improved survival in a randomized trial of glioblastoma patients, researchers said. It is also among the first cancer vaccines to show a survival benefit. Continue reading

New Epidermal Growth Factor Strategies in the Clinic for Glioblastoma & Lung Cancer

Two companies, Celldex and Clovis, reported positive developments with their strategies to target the mutated Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor for patients with glioblastoma and lung cancer. Continue reading