Teacher Candidate

Applications For Clinical Placement

*Before Applying, please ensure that you meet the proper requirements*

Requirements to Apply to Clinical Practice for Student Teaching (Undergrad)

Requirements to Apply to Clinical Practice for Student Teaching (Graduate)

You need to apply for your clinical placement each semester. For each clinical experience or internship, applications are due the semester prior.

Application for Clinical Experiences

Clinical Practice applications are due ONE YEAR prior the semester being sought.

Application for Clinical Practice for Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students

Application for School Library Media Specialist Graduate Clinical Practice

Important Forms & Links

The following are links to key forms you will need throughout your clinical experiences and clinical practice.

CEHS Scholarship Information

Health & TB/Mantoux Forms

Praxis Information

Protecting God’s Children Workshop

Demographic Diversity Chart

Clinical Placement Alert Form *For Reference Only*

Clinical Placement Alert Form Submission


Clinical Experience and Clinical Practice 1 candidates are evaluated using the Observation and Conference Report.

Clinical Practice 2 candidates are evaluated by their clinical supervisors using both the Observation and Conference Report and the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI).


Clinical Experience/Clinical Practice 1 Timesheet

Clinical Practice 2 Timesheet.


The Clinical Placement Handbook has all of the forms, policies, and information you need for yourself, your cooperating teacher, or your clinical supervisor. We strongly recommend you read, print, and refer to the Handbook regularly:

Clinical Placement Handbook

Key Terminology pg.15

Substitute Certification

General Information and Steps

NJEdCert Substitute Certification Application Process Guide

Substitute Certification Packet – Information on Substitute certification from NJ Department of Ed.

Fingerprinting & Criminal History Background Check

Fingerprinting Information

Teaching in New Jersey:

Teaching Jobs at NJ.com

NJ DOE School Directory

Guide to Licensing in New Jersey (Teachers & Substitutes)

Professional Standards and Accreditation:

InTASC Standards

New Jersey Department of Education: Common Core Standards

United States Department of Education: Common Core Standards

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)