Fingerprinting and Background Check

In order to get fingerprinted or have a criminal history check done, you need to go to the New Jersey Department of Education site  for fingerprinting and criminal history checks. Many of our partner districts require pre-clinical interns and clinical interns to pass the NJ criminal history check before beginning a placement in a district or school.

The directions below outline the Criminal History Review process. Please follow them carefully, and if you have questions or need assistance, please either contact the Department of Education directly at  877-900-6960 or call the Office of Clinical Experiences at 973-761-9347. In some instances, districts require you to work directly with them, if that is the case, please contact them directly.


If you are completing a placement in new York, the steps for the process are different. An outline of the procedure is below.


When the Criminal History Review is completed, the applicant will be able to go to the Criminal History Review Unit’s website at to view and print their Applicant Approval Employment History or they will receive an Ineligible or Disqualification letter.