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College of Education and Human Services Alumni Spotlight

Conor Murtagh was one of fifteen graduates of teacher preparation programs in New Jersey who received the 2017 Distinguished Clinical Intern Award for his excellence as a clinical intern and his work in education.

Evaluation Forms

The Observation and Conference Report and the Clinical Competency Inventory are the forms used to evaluate students in both their Clinical Experience (Field Internship) and their Clinical Practice (Student Teaching).

Clinical Intern (Student Teacher) Tips

There are little things that clinical interns can do in their placements that can prepare them for when they are leading their own classrooms! Here are some tips that can help our clinical interns' years and future classrooms run smoothly!

Cooperating Teacher and Supervisor Evaluation Data

We seek feedback from both cooperating teachers and clinical supervisors from each other during the clinical practice placements. The data from these evaluations can be reviewed in this post.

Apply for Clinical Experience or Practice

Links to Application forms for Clinical Experience and Practice

Contact Us

Contact information for the Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research