Clinical Advisory Board

The Clinical Advisory Board helps support the Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research (OCEAR) in reviewing data, providing feedback on instruments and helping to co-construct materials such as the handbook, assessments, policies and procedures. It is a primary goal of OCEAR to seek the feedback and input from our K-12 partners, faculty, clinical supervisors, teacher candidates and graduates.

We want to improve the clinical placement experiences for our teacher candidates by gaining the insight, knowledge and experience from key stakeholders. Their guidance is also instrumental in our understanding of key needs and issues facing NJ schools and districts, how they are being addressed and how we can best prepare our teacher candidates to meet those needs and issues.

The current members of the Clinical Advisory Board, along with brief biographies, are identified below.

Name Biography
Michelle Balseiro Michelle Balseiro is currently a Professional Development School Coordinator for the Cranford School District, as well as an ELA Educator.
Ann Bodnar Ann Bodnar is the Director of Curriculum at the South Orange Maplewood School District.
Rosa Branco Rosa Branco is the Principal at First Ave School in Newark Public School District
Michael Catelli Michael Catelli is the K-12 Social Studies, World Language, and ESL Supervisor at the Somerset Hills School District in Bernardsville, NJ. He has been a school administrator for eight years and before that was a high school history teacher in northern New Jersey. He graduated from Seton Hall in 2008 with an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education and a degree in History. He graduated from Teacher’s College of Columbia University in 2012 with a Masters degree in Teaching Social Studies. He graduated from Montclair State University in 2019 with a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently a doctoral student at Rutgers University in Educational Leadership focusing on the teaching of citizenship and civics.
Jennifer Connors Jennifer Connors is the Principal of Clinton Elementary School in South Orange Maplewood School District
Diane Frustaci Diane Frustaci is a Clinical Supervisor at Seton Hall University.  Her previous experience includes teaching in both public  (Rutherford Public Schools) and independent school teaching (Far Hills Country Day School) in grades one through four, administration (Director of Lower School-PreK -4 and Director of Curriculum), serving on multiple Accreditation Teams for NJAIS, and codirecting the Seton Hall Sophomore Cohort at Far Hills Country Day School with Dr. Lauren McFadden (EDST 2001 Life in the Inclusive Classroom). In 1972, Diane graduated from Duquesne University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and in 1978, she graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology-Remedial Reading Degree where she had the privilege of working with both Professor Anne McKillop and Dr. Dale Bryant during her tenure there.  In the early 1980s, Diane did additional certification work at Montclair State University.  In addition to being certified as an elementary teacher, Diane holds NJ certification as Principal, Supervisor, Teacher of Reading, and Reading Specialist.  Diane says that she had the benefit of having an outstanding educator as a teacher-mentor during her formative years as a teacher.  Through her mentor’s guidance, she began to understand and build her expertise in the art and science of excellent teaching.  Diane began to develop her understanding of how children learned best and how to optimize the learning environment, building a community of learners.  She has said that she wants nothing more than to share the expertise she has gained through her five decades in education and make a difference for the upcoming teachers in our schools. Diane and her husband have one son, a lovely daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren, a granddaughter aged 5.5 and grandson aged 3.  She enjoys reading, pickleball, mahjong, studying Italian, travel, and spending time with her family and friends!
Karen Grove Karen Grove is the Director of Clinical Experiences & Applied Research at Seton Hall University. She has been in the College of Education and Human Services at Seton Hall for the past 9 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education and her Master’s in Human Resources Training & Development. Karen’s entire career has been in teaching, learning and curriculum development including years as a resource room teacher, an instructional designer for fortune 500 companies, a learning consultant to several colleges, universities and corporations and, most recently her years at Seton Hall. Karen is married with two children. When she’s not working or enjoying time with her family, Karen enjoys kayaking, gardening, traveling to the National Parks and reading a good book
Bill Hartman Bill Hartman is a clinical supervisor at Seton Hall University. He has worked at Seton Hall for the last 10 years and worked at Wayne Public Schools for 40 years prior. He has an extensive education, obtaining his BS in Elementary/Special Education from Mansfield University, his M.Ed. and Admin/Supervisor certificate from William Paterson University, and his Ed.D. from Rutgers University. He is certified in K-8 elementary education, administration/supervisor, and NJSIAA (soccer, basketball, baseball, softball). He is affiliated with NJEA, NEA, PCEA, WEA, and NJSIAA. He is also a published author. 
Raquel Horn Raquel Horn is a principal of Marshall School in South Orange. She was previously Asst Principal at Seth Boyden, Asst Principal at Delran Intermediate School (Burlington County) and she taught elementary students in the Plainfield Public School District where she was also a literacy coach. Education is a second career for her and she is a former Federal Investigator for the U.S. EEOC (Newark Area Office). She has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision. She would like to continue serving on the advisory board because she likes making decisions with a group of like-minded individuals to ensure a steady stream of solid future educators. 
Lesley Joseph Lesley Joseph is a sophomore at Seton Hall University and will graduate in the year 2025. She is a part of the 4+2 Elementary Education and Special Education/Speech-Language Pathology program and her second major is Social and Behavioral Sciences. What she really likes about the program is that it provides the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience earlier on starting from their sophomore year in field placements, which makes SHU’s education program stand out among other schools. She also likes the faculty, advisors, and mentors that are a part of the program as they are all very supportive and will go above and beyond to ensure that students have access to all the resources and tools that they require to succeed. She chose Seton Hall because of the small campus size and the sense of community that is present on campus. Her future goals include becoming a speech-language pathologist that is located at schools. She chose to be on the Advisory Board because she found it to be an amazing opportunity to work with my advisors and advocate for my peers as everyone works together as a unit in coming up with ways to improve the clinical experience in respective field placements. Something unique about her is that she is a first-time Resident Assistant located in Cabrini Hall this year and the manager of the SHU Taal classical fusion dance team on campus this year, which are both leadership opportunities that she truly enjoys being a part of. She is so excited about the chance to take part in this opportunity!
Amy Kline Amy Kline is the Associate Dean of Assessment and Accreditation for the College of Education and Human Services with Seton Hall University. She always appreciates hearing ideas from our school partners and students on how we can improve our academic programs. These conversations are not only interesting, but they serve an important purpose in helping us to meet important reporting requirements for accreditation. Something additional about herself is that she meditates every day and serves as one of the meditation group leaders for the faculty and staff group here at SHU. 
Sandra Marques Sandra Marques is the Principal at the Salome Urena School in Newark Public School District 
Angelina Martino-Finnegan Angelina is a Proud Pirate, having earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from SHU’s College of Education and Human Services. She began her career as an elementary teacher and then devoted 20 years of service as an elementary principal. Since 2018, she been serving as Director of School Leadership Programs for the Foundation for Educational Administration (NJPSA/FEA). Her department oversees the NJEXCEL, NJTLC, and NJL2L programs. During her leadership career in the public schools, Angelina served as President of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) and as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). She was honored to be named as a National Distinguished Principal and as a New Jersey Visionary Principal of the Year. Over the years, Angelina has maintained a strong connection with Seton Hall and believes it is important to support our university and our profession. She served as President of Kappa Delta Pi’s Xi Gamma Chapter, as a member of the Community Advisory Board, and in other roles. She also enjoyed many years of service as a member of the SHU Alumni Association Board of Directors and was a recipient of the Many Are One Alumni Association Service Award. Currently, Angelina serves on the CEHS’ Dean’s Advisory Board and on the Clinical Advisory Board.
Grace May Dr. Grace May is an associate professor of elementary and special education at Seton Hall University. She has served as program director, accreditation coordinator, associate dean, and dean. Her favorite role is as a faculty member working directly with teacher candidates and their students. Most recently she has served as the faculty liaison between Seton Hall University and Cranford School district. Part of this role includes teaching a course onsite, integrating theory to practice.
Elizabeth McCollum Elizabeth McCollum is a part of the Class of 2024 at Seton Hall. She is an Elementary/Special Education major with a second major in Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is also a part of the Speech Pathology 4+2 program. Her favorite part of the education program is the support that she has received from her professors and the real-life applications she has been able to make using the content learned in her education courses. In her future career, she plans on becoming a school-based Speech Language Pathologist at the elementary level. She chose to be on the Clinical Advisory Board because she wants to help ensure that all students can have meaningful clinical experiences that allow them to grow as teachers.
Michelle Miani Michelle Miani is currently teaching 9th and 10th grade English at Livingston High School. She graduated from Seton Hall University in 2020, but she has had the privilege of staying in touch with several of her former professors and advisors. She also occasionally facilitates a grammar workshop focused on PRAXIS writing skills to current undergraduate students aspiring to become educators. Before graduating from SHU, she accepted her first teaching position at Mahwah High School until there was an opening at her current job, and she sprung on the opportunity. Additionally, she is currently studying to receive her Master of Arts in English at Montclair State University. She is interested in being on the Clinical Advisory Board at Seton Hall University because teaching is – in her opinion – one of the most challenging, demanding, but also one of the most rewarding professions. By serving on this committee, she hopes to make decisions to foster positive and formative clinical teaching experiences so aspiring teachers not only can experience what day-to-day teaching is in practice, but also to have a realistic sense of what to expect in order to obviate the widespread teacher burnout through practical guidance. One thing that is interesting about her is that she has over 30 houseplants! 
Lori Moonan Lori Moonan is a retired elementary teacher. She worked in Cranford, NJ for 33 years, teaching Grades 1-5 targeting Basic Skilsl and Gifted and Talented. She also worked as a professional development school coordinator. She also helped to publish a paper entiteld “Learning for all: Inquiry into transfer theory at a PDS”. Currently, she works as an undergraduate adjunct faculty member at Seton Hall University, teaching Early Literacy, Literacy Across the Curriculum, and Senior Seminar. She is also a supervisor of the clinical practice 1 students. Ms. Moonan enjoys being a member of the Clinical Advisory Board because it is another form of professional development, and allows her to work with other to continue to bridge the gap between theory and practice and practice and theory. As a PDS Coordinator for 20 years, she appreciates and recognizes the importance of university/school partnerships who collaborate to enhance pre-service teaching experiences and student learning in schools. 
Regina Peter Dr. Regina Peter serves as the Co-Executive Director of Newmark Schools. Dr. Peter is responsible developing and implementing day-to-day management of both the elementary and high school. She supervises a staff of 75 educators, develops curriculum, monitors academic and social/emotional achievement of each student, and oversees all fiscal management of the schools. Dr. Peter brings a wealth of experience to Newmark. She has served as teacher, principal, and associate director in state-approved schools for children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders for over 25 years.  Prior to Co-Founding Newmark in 2001, Dr. Peter worked in a variety of administrative, staff development, and supervisory roles, garnering a well-regarded respect among her professional peers. Dr. Peter has led in the development of model special education programs for New Jersey school districts working to create and implement successful behavior modification programs in public schools. Dr. Peter received her Bachelor of Arts from the College of New Jersey, her Master of Arts in Educational Administration from New Jersey City University, and her doctorate in Educational Administration from Seton Hall University. Dr. Peter received the Reverend Msgr. Hanbury Alumni Mission Award from Seton Hall University Department of Education and the TCNJ Athletics Distinguished Alumni  Award.
Brain Reilly Brian Reilly is a senior secondary education and mathematics major. He is currently student teaching at Cranford High School teaching geometry, algebra II, and pre-calculus. One of his favorite things about the education program at Seton Hall is its focus on experience in the field. No matter how much you talk about something in a class, you truly learn how to do something by doing it. Seton Hall provides the opportunity for him to be in the field since his sophomore year and it has been a great experience.
Shea Richardson Shea Richardson works in the Curriculum and Instruction Services department at East Orange School District
Stacey Salvia Stacey Salvia is a junior studying Elementary and Special Education with a focus in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her graduation year is 2024. Something she enjoys about the program is the faculty. Everyone is so helpful and truly wants to see you succeed. Her future goals include being an early elementary teacher, preferably 2nd grade and she would like to work with students with special needs. She chose to be on the advisory board because she would like to share her experience to hopefully help the program become even better to assist students in the clinical experience. A fun fact is that she is a peer mentor for first gen forward which means she is a peer mentor for first generation students! She is also in the pep band on campus!
Marissa Todd Marissa Todd is a sophomore in the Elementary Education and Speech Pathology Program (Class of 2025). She hopes to one day work as a SLP in either a NICU or school setting. On campus, she is also in the Student Government Association, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, the Buccino Leadership Institute, the Servant Leadership Scholarship Program, and the CEHS Ambassador program. Her favorite thing about her experience in the CEHS at SHU is the relationships that she has developed with her professors and the opportunities that her field placements have given her to grow as a future educator.
Kristin Youngberg Kristin Youngberg is an Educational Studies graduate serving as an alumni representative