Observation & Conference (O&C) Training Video

If you were unable to attend our orientation or training sessions, please view the on-line tutorial about the Observation and Conference Report, the evaluation tool we ask you to use to assess the performance of your pre-clinical intern. After viewing the tutorial, please complete the on-line assessment through the link below so we have a record that you have completed the training. Cooperating Teachers will receive professional development hours for their work with our students, and this assessment provides evidence that you have met the minimum requirements for that professional development. (Important: hover your mouse over the embedded video below to see the controls for the video.  Once visible, you have the ability to open the video to full screen, pause, change volume levels, etc.)

Here you are able to access a PDF of the slides for the overview and training. You might find it helpful for taking notes or reviewing later in the semester: Download

Cooperating Teacher and Clinical Supervisor Assessment

If you have any questions or problems with the videos or assessments, please contact the Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research at 973-761-9347 or at cehsfieldoffice@shu.edu.