Videos to Assist with Field Placement Orientation

Fostering an atmosphere for success is a challenge for educators in a variety of settings and with years of experience in schools. Conversely, teaching candidates sometimes have a difficult time balancing the demands of the classroom with that of their field placement. Navigating this experience is one that requires adequate guidance, preparation and education, so that it can be carried out smoothly. The Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research at Seton Hall University wishes to expedite the process of orientating jpre-clinical and clincal interns to the school environment through a series of instructional videos that aid our students, co-operating teachers and supervisors.

Beginning Your Field Placement:

Chapter 1: Calling Your Co-Operating Principal
Chapter 2: Meeting the Principal
Chapter 3: Meeting Your Co-Operating Teacher
Chapter 4: Arriving at School
Chapter 5: Signing In
Chapter 6: Introducing Yourself to the Class