All students applying for Elementary Education certification in New Jersey are required to pass the new Praxis II for Elementary Content Knowledge,  #5001 (Elementary Content Knowledge, Multiple Subjects Test.) You must pass the appropriate Praxis II test in your content area before you can be approved for Clinical Practice. Plan to take the test in your first few years of study so you have time to retake the test or any of the four sections if you do not pass.

Faculty in all program and certification areas can provide support and study materials.  The Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Test includes an in-depth set of flash cards in the areas of Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The Praxis exam for elementary education includes high school-level content knowledge so you may want to review the content before taking the test. 

Students wishing to add on additional certifications such as Early Childhood or Middle School Certification should speak to their advisor and/or the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the College of Education & Human Services to determine eligibility. 

Students majoring in Secondary Education are required to pass the Praxis II in their content area. The information here is a good resource for NJ Praxis II requirements.  

The ETS website is another great resource for NJ Praxis testing requirements. 

Students whose Primary Language is Not English
Student can request 50% extended time on the Praxis if their primary language is not English.
Students are not eligible for this extension if they are taking a language Praxis. Follow the link to complete the appropriate documents to apply for extended time.

Be aware that you must allow four weeks before your exam date for your request to be processed and that you will be sending some documentation by mail. For this reason, it is recommended that you complete and mail all documents five weeks before your Praxis date.

Fee Waiver Assistance

For students who qualify, there is an application to request a fee waiver. Information is available at NJ Fee Waiver

Helpful Praxis II Prep Websites and Resources:

  • Teacher Test Prep:
    Specializes in helping aspiring teachers pass their credentialing exams. Regardless of the area of concentration chosen, unique tools are provided to give specific insight into the content tested each year.