Requirements to Apply to Clinical Practice for Student Teaching (Graduate)

Requirements to Apply to Clinical Practice for Student Teaching (Graduate)

The Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) program is intended for professionals seeking teacher certification. The purpose of the certificate is to provide skills and competencies necessary to meet changing certification requirements. Students who successfully complete this program will be qualified for an Advanced Certificate of Eligibility for the New Jersey Instructional License as an elementary or secondary teacher. The CEAS program is guided by state and national standards.


A candidate conditionally admitted to the MA program must complete 6 credits with a 3.0 grade-point average as a non-matriculated student. Those students who are making up an unsatisfactory GPA must submit either MAT or GRE scores after completing 12 graduate credits before they will be permitted to register for additional courses.

CEAS Courses

  • EDST 6421 Child and Adolescent Development and Diversity
  • EDST 6422 Classroom Curriculum, Planning and Organization
  • EDST 6425 Assessment of Student Learning
  • EDST 6426 Clinical Practice and Seminar

Candidates will also complete two of the courses listed below, depending on specialization:

  • EDST 6423 Elementary Literacy and Social Studies Methods
  • EDST 6424 Secondary Literacy and Social Studies Methods
  • EDST 6411 Secondary Math and Science Methods
  • EDST 6412 Secondary Math and Science Methods

Total Required Credits: 18

Academic Standards

Students must maintain at least a B in all courses. Students who receive a C will be referred to the Academic Standards Committee of the department, which will recommend appropriate action to the chair.

Clinical Practice

Students seeking New Jersey state teacher certification must complete a full semester (15 weeks) of clinical practice (student teaching).  Candidates must complete an application and pay the application fee of $100. Applications must be submitted in advance for clinical practice. Applications are submitted for a comprehensive review to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research.  See the calendar for specific due dates for each term.  Questions regarding the application please contact the Office of Clinical Experiences & Applied Research.  Before beginning clinical practice, all CEAS candidates must complete the following requirements:

  • Passing scores on all required Praxis II exams and any state-mandated standardized tests for licensure;
  • Maintain a 3.0 grade-point average in the program;
  • Complete all required pedagogical coursework for their certification; and
  • Have content-area course credits required for their certification.

Eligibility for Certification

Upon completion of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program, students are eligible for recommendation to the State of New Jersey for a Certification of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) as a classroom teacher. Under current New Jersey state regulations, the student must then successfully serve one year as a provisionally certified teacher before the state will grant standard (permanent) certification.

Although New Jersey maintains reciprocal certification agreements with many states, these are subject to change. Students who reside outside of New Jersey should check with the Department of Education for specific requirements for licensing requirements in that state.