As part of your responsibilities as a cooperating teacher, you will need to complete one or both of two online trainings and complete the associated assessment depending on whether or not you are a Clinical Supervisor of a clinical intern or a pre-clinical intern.

A Clinical Supervisor of a pre-clinical intern during clinical experience or a clinical intern in Clinical Practice 2 needs to complete the Observation & Conference report (O&C) training and assessment.

A Clinical Supervisor of a clinical intern completing clinical practice needs to complete the Observation and Conference Report (O&C) training and assessment and the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI) training and assessment.


The Clinical Placement Handbook is the best place to find forms, policies, and information. There is a section specifically for Clinical Supervisors.

Checklist for Clinical Supervisors This is a general overview of the tasks that make up the pre-clinical intern and the clinical intern process. This checklist is designed to help you keep organized throughout the semester. pg.135 Handbook

Guide for Week-to-Week Activities for Clinical Practice pg.127 Handbook

Co-Teaching Model pg.128 Handbook

Key Terminology pg. 15 Handbook

Supervisors Expectations pg.134 Handbook


Clinical Experience and Clinical Practice 1 candidates are evaluated using the Observation and Conference Report. Clinical Practice 2 candidates are evaluated by their clinical supervisors using both the Observation and Conference Report and the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI). Clinical Practice 2 candidates are evaluated by their cooperating teachers using the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI)

Time Sheets

Every teacher candidate is required to submit a timesheet to the Office of Clinical Experiences. As the Clinical Supervisor, you are asked to sign off/verify these timesheets for our teacher candidates. The teacher candidate is responsible for handing in approved timesheets on time. Due dates for all timesheet submissions are posted on the Calendar.

Clinical Experience/Clinical Practice 1 Timesheet

Clinical Practice 2 Timesheet.

Clinical Experience candidates submit a midterm and final timesheet. Clinical Practice 2 candidates submit a final timesheet. Clinical Supervisors are asked to verify and sign all timesheets please contact OCEAR if you not been asked to sign a midterm or final timesheet.


Clinical Placement Alert Form

We strive to develop the most knowledgeable and skilled teacher candidates possible. In some instances, when our teacher candidates are placed in your classroom setting, he/she may encounter significant areas of improvement that still need to be developed. You are encouraged to discuss any such area with the teacher candidate’s cooperating teacher.  You should first provide feedback to the teacher candidate directly. Any area of significant concern or requiring immediate intervention that the teacher candidate is not addressing or showing improvement in should be submitted using the Clinical Placement Alert Form.  Although the form is to be completed electronically via the link provided, here is a reference form for your convenience.