Requirements to Apply to Clinical Practice for Student Teaching (Undergrad)

Requirements to Apply to Clinical Practice for Student Teaching (Undergrad)

In order to be placed in a clinical practice placement, teacher candidates must submit a formal application to the Office of Clinical Experiences & Applied Research. The application procedure includes a comprehensive review of the candidate’s academic record and clinical experiences. See the calendar for specific due dates for each term.  Questions regarding the application please contact the Office of Clinical Experiences & Applied Research.

Applicants must meet certain requirements and benchmarks:

  •  a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0;
  • completion of all required Professional Education courses with a grade of C or higher;
  • successful completion of all required field experiences;
  • passing scores on all required Praxis II exams or state-mandated scores on standardized tests before starting clinical practice;
  • approval and recommendation by department or program chair; and
  • a physician’s certificate indicating freedom from any infirmity that would make the applicant unfit for teaching.

The goal of these benchmarks is to illustrate a teacher candidate’s progress toward our college vision of a competent, socially conscious and reflective professional. Specific outcomes for these developmental markers are listed below:

Outcome 1: Competence
A. The candidate possesses the principles and facts associated with his/her content area.
B. The candidate knows the theories of teaching and learning.
C. The candidate knows and can demonstrate the skills associated with organization and management.
D. The candidate can demonstrate the transition of theory to practice.
E. The candidate can demonstrate approaches to effective collaboration.
F. The candidate knows and can use communication and interpersonal skills in a range of settings.
G. The candidate knows and can build connections with parents, the school and the community.
H. The candidate knows and can collect, analyze and interpret data.

Outcome 2: Social Consciousness
A. The candidate is committed to stewardship that promotes a positive learning environment for all students.
B. The candidate is knowledgeable about diversity and demonstrates respect and valuing of difference.
C. The candidate understands the range of educational options for diverse learners and can apply the appropriate strategies, methods and materials.

Outcome 3: Reflection
A. The candidate knows and uses introspection, self-awareness and risk taking as evaluative tools for the continued growth and development of his/her teaching.

Students approved for clinical practice are required to enroll in the Clinical Practice Seminar and must submit the edTPA performance assessment during the semester of their clinical practice.

Undergraduate transfer students must complete a minimum of 24 credits at Seton Hall University before they may apply for senior clinical practice.