Seeking NY Elementary School Teachers for FREE Engineering Worskhops

The Office of Clinical Experience and Applied Research (OCEAR) is frequently notified about openings in districts and schools. OCEAR posts the openings as a courtesy to the district/school and as opportunities for our teacher candidates and alumni. We are not endorsing the district or position.The following job listings are available … Continue reading

Application Link for Clinical Practice, Undergraduate and Graduate

Clinical Practice Application Link, Graduate and Undergraduate Students will also have to pay a $300 application fee and will pay this at the Bursar Office, which is located in Bayley Hall. Copy the receipt you receive when you pay. Email one copy to us at, keep the other … Continue reading

Clinical Intern (Student Teacher) Tips

At Clinical Intern convocation on August 30th, Director Grove shared a few tips and advice for clinical interns.  Some of what was shared was her own but much of it was from’s 30 Best Tips for Student Teachers, compiled by Genia Connell in 2013. There are so many resources and information available … Continue reading