Author: Dominique McIndoe

College Graduate Becomes Infantry Officer in Less Than One Year

Before the war, Simeon Moss was playing for Rutgers University’s sprint football team. Less than a year later, he was drafted as a private into the United States Army and quickly climbed the ranks to become a second lieutenant infantry officer. On Dec. 7 of last year, the New Jersey native was living in Chicago as a teacher. It had been less than six months since he graduated as the only black student in his senior class. “On the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, I was at the football game and they announced it… I went right back home...

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Jewish organizations hold anti-Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden

Thousands of community leaders, political figures, and Jewish citizens gathered at New York City’s Madison Square Garden last night to speak out against the Nazis’ campaign to terrorize and slaughter the Jews of Europe. An official message from President Roosevelt that was read to the audience focused on America’s intention to preserve democracy and end the atrocities being committed by Hitler and the Axis powers. “The American people not only sympathize with all victims of Nazi crimes but will hold the perpetrators of these crimes to strict accountability in a day of reckoning which will surely come,” he said....

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Patriotism is not limited to the able bodied

The operator of a powered jigsaw cuts a slot in a small steel part for a warplane in a Brooklyn, New York factory. The slot must be precisely right and, to inspect it, the workman runs his fingers over it. In a Manhattan workshop, a group of men reclaim tons of aluminum in the form of rivets that were swept from the floors of aircraft factories and shipped to them in barrels. The men sort the rivets into 50 various sizes for reuse in the war. In another war plant, women file and sand bullet dies. Others operate power...

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Married men to get draft deferment—for now

Congress has issued revisions to the Selective Service Act to permit all married men deferment from Class I-A draft classification for military service until further notice. Within the next week, the new draft deferment system should reach President Franklin Roosevelt’s desk for a signature of approval or veto. Men who were aware of their impending induction when they got married will not eligible for deferment under the new amendment. This means that the intention to avoid military service disqualifies such persons. Married men who have already been officially inducted into the armed forces will also be ineligible for a...

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