Author: Dominique McIndoe

U.S. Considering Massive Overhaul of Transportation System

The National Resources Planning Board (NRPB), although it is focused on winning the war, already has peacetime transportation in its sights. President Franklin D. Roosevelt transmitted a NRPB postwar travel report to Congress this week that would involve overhauling the entire transportation system. The result of a two-year study “to solve the nation’s transport problems,” the report recommends the creation of a national transportation agency apart from the Interstate Commerce Commission that would modernize the nation’s railroad, air, highway, and water transportation systems. The detailed report proposes terminal unification and reconstruction, economic consolidation of railroads into a limited number...

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Columbus Day Celebration Continues in the Face of War

Giuseppe Garibaldi, the 19th-century general in Italian unification, once said to his troops while on the battlefield: “He who still has faith in Italy, let him follow me.” In spite of their native country being at war with the United States and its alliance with other dictatorial regimes like Germany and Japan, thousands of Italians and Italian-Americans rallied together on this Columbus Day at the Metropolitan Opera House in a spirit of pride and anti-fascism. Attorney General Francis Biddle announced during the celebration that 600,000 Italian immigrants currently residing in the U.S. would be removed from the “enemy alien”...

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U.S. Envoy Holds Private Meetings with Pope

The spiritual influence of the Vatican is worldwide, as Pope Pius XII is the leader of millions of Catholics on both the Allied and the Axis sides. But politically, the independent state is an enclave surrounded on all sides by Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime. Even as Italy is at war with the United States, President Roosevelt’s personal envoy, Myron C. Taylor, returned to his post at the Vatican under safe conduct. He spoke in three private conferences with the pope. The first, which took place last Saturday, Sep. 19, lasted for an hour and a half. It was one...

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College Graduate Becomes Infantry Officer in Less Than One Year

Before the war, Simeon Moss was playing for Rutgers University’s sprint football team. Less than a year later, he was drafted as a private into the United States Army and quickly climbed the ranks to become a second lieutenant infantry officer. On Dec. 7 of last year, the New Jersey native was living in Chicago as a teacher. It had been less than six months since he graduated as the only black student in his senior class. “On the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, I was at the football game and they announced it… I went right back home...

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Jewish organizations hold anti-Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden

Thousands of community leaders, political figures, and Jewish citizens gathered at New York City’s Madison Square Garden last night to speak out against the Nazis’ campaign to terrorize and slaughter the Jews of Europe. An official message from President Roosevelt that was read to the audience focused on America’s intention to preserve democracy and end the atrocities being committed by Hitler and the Axis powers. “The American people not only sympathize with all victims of Nazi crimes but will hold the perpetrators of these crimes to strict accountability in a day of reckoning which will surely come,” he said....

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