Author: Samantha Becker

New John Wayne Film Dramatizes American Pilots’ Heroics

The “Flying Tigers”, directed by David Miller and produced by Edmund Grainger, takes America into the heart of the battles of heroic volunteer fighter pilots through the eyes of Jim Gordon, who is played by the popular John Wayne.  The film takes place in late 1941, and portrays the feats of the American Volunteer Group.  Before the United States entered the war, the AVG was formed to fight the Japanese in China in the Second Sino-Japanese War.  The first AVG was the called the Flying Tigers and was the only unit to actually see combat. When Jim Gordon arrived...

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Wartime Halloween means no trick-or-treating

This Halloween there was a noticeable lack of young ones running around in disguises, knocking on doors in hopes of obtaining a delicious treat.  No, this year the streets were much quieter than in the past. The rowdiness that usually comes with the holiday was replaced by an abundance of safe fun for everyone in every town across the Unites States, sponsored by the United Service Organization. The government made sure that youngsters knew that pranks and mischief fell under the same category as sabotage in this time of war. Officials say that war workers who are putting their...

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When soldiers need some R&R, she is there to help

  During the dreary time of war, it takes a certain person to step up and truly make a difference.  Yes, there are soldiers risking their lives every day for the sake of this country and other countries’ survival, but efforts on the home front to keep morale high can be just as important.  Edna Newby is one of these special people. She facilitates a Rest and Recuperation center in North Carolina for soldiers who are permitted a short time away from the battle front to visit their families. Newby’s parents are British immigrants who came to America in...

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War bond rallies helping to fund Allies’ fight

  At Post Square in Dallas on July 17, thousands of citizens with smiles on their faces, cash in their pockets and pride in their hearts piled in together in the sweltering heat to support the war effort with the purchase of war bonds. This was only one of the many rallies that are happening around the country on a regular basis.  Most are sponsored by the Retailers Advisory Council of the Treasury. Attendees see speakers and entertainers—the only entrance requirement is the purchase of war bonds. The event in Dallas started with a speech by the District registrar,...

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