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Paris Fashion Week: The Fashion Industry’s Solidarity With Ukraine

After a two-year pandemic-related delay to the Fall/Winter iconic Paris Fashion Week, solemn loomed over the atmosphere when days before the 2022 resurge, Vladimir Putin launched an unmerited war against Ukraine. As a response, the head of Paris Fashion Week’s organizing organization, Ralph Toledano, released a statement imploring attendees to “experience the shows of the coming days with solemnity, and in reflection of these dark hours.”

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U.S. Market Exposure to Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is the largest conventional military attack in Europe since World War II, has caused a significant impact here at home in the United States, specifically in the financial market. While the Russian economy is in freefall due to sanctions from the West, U.S. markets also have experienced some stressors and exposure to risk as this conflict evolves.

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Prompts Crippling International Response

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has precipitated near universal condemnation around the world. NATO and European Union states have roundly criticized the illegal and unprecedented Russian invasion of the Eastern European country of 40 million people. NATO and EU countries were united not only in words but actions, presenting a unified and potent response.

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