Sports Poll Featured in USA Today, NY Daily News, Yahoo Finance, ESPN and SportsBusiness Daily

The Seton Hall Sports Poll, sponsored by the Sharkey Institute and the Stillman School of Business, was featured in USA Today, the NY Daily News, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports along with ESPN, SportsBusiness Daily and a number of other media outlets.

The most recent poll asked people what they thought about President Trump’s comments regarding the NFL national anthem controversy (71% would like him to stop commenting, only 23% said he should continue to do so); what they thought about the efficacy of a plan to deal with the anthem controversy put forward by a number of NFL owners that would keep players in the locker room while the anthem played (63% said “not effective,” 27% said “yes”); and whether or not they planned on buying and NFL merchandise over the holiday season (20% said yes, and a whopping 74% said no) and whether the anthem controversy had anything to do with their decision not to buy (a third said it did).
In addition to these questions, the Poll gauged the public sentiment on the current selection format for the college football playoffs, the prospect of Roger Goodell’s contract extension, the impact of Jerry Jones, Women in sports broadcasting, and a number of other questions. You can see the release here.

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