Sports Poll Cited by Media Across the Country

Sports PollThe Seton Hall Sports Poll was cited by media across the country, including Forbes, ESPN, USA Today, CNBC, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, CBS, ABC, MSN, Breitbart, NY Daily News, Yahoo Sports, The Sporting News, UK’s Daily Mail, Star Ledger, Miami Herald, Arizona Republic, San Francisco Chronicle and radio stations all throughout the land. In addition, Benjamin Watson, an NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, cited to the poll in an article he wrote on SportsBlog.

On ESPN, in addition to a print piece written by sports business analyst Darren Rovell, the Poll’s results were featured on the TV shows “First Take” and “Outside the Lines.”

Sports PollThe most recent Sports Poll asked the public questions on the declining viewership of NFL games, the potential for “rigging” various sporting events and the presidential election, and what they thought about “locker room talk.”

Media highlights include:

USA Today, Poll: About 50% of Americans Believe Sports, Presidential Election Could Be Rigged

Forbes, “Will Fans Tune Back In To The NFL After The Presidential Election?” 

CBS, “Poll: NFL Ratings Down Due To National Anthem Protests”

CNBC, “There Are a Lot of Reasons for the NFL’s Ratings Slide”

ESPN, “Anthem Protests Part of Problem with NFL Ratings”

New York Times, “TV Viewership Falls in N.F.L. and Premier League: A Blip, or Something Worse?”

The Sporting News, “Is Donald Trump Right about Colin Kaepernick and NFL TV Ratings?”

Miami Herald, “NFL’s declining TV ratings a needed slap in face for sport that has itself to blame”

Yahoo Sports, “NFL Viewership is Down, but not for Some of the Reasons you Might Think”

Breitbart, “Miami Dolphins Kneeler Doesn’t Think NFL Ratings Dip Connected to Anthem Protest”

Breitbart, “Fans Agree: NFL Ratings Fall Due to Anti-American National Anthem Protests”

San Francisco Chronicle, “Twitter Woes; Anthem Protests and Assorted Backlashes” 

Legal Sports Report, “Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Think Sporting Events can Be Rigged”

ABC, “Poll Finds Anthem Protests Hurting NFL Ratings”

NY Daily News, “NFL’s declining ratings could be due to these three factors: poll”

Sports Illustrated, “About 50% of Americans Believe Sports could Be Rigged”

The Arizona Republic, “California conservatives to observe polling stations” 

Daily Mail, “National anthem protests have caused NFL ratings to drop by 12 per cent”

SportsBlog (article from Benjamin Watson, NFL player, Baltimore Ravens), “More than just National Anthem Protests for NFL Players, Teams”

MSN, “Poll: About 50% of Americans believe sports, presidential election could be rigged”

Star Ledger, “People Think Presidential Election, Sports Games could be Rigged, Poll Finds”

NJ 101.5 “Rigged?!? About half of Americans thinks pretty much EVERYTHING might be fixed”

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