We Want Willkie!!!

This was the refrain heard from the floor to rafters of Convention Hall, Philadelphia during the summer of 1940 and echoed through that autumn when the Republican Party nominated corporate lawyer and long time political booster Wendell Lewis Willkie of Indiana as their standard bearer for the upcoming presidential election of that year. Willkie (1892-1944), … Continue reading “We Want Willkie!!!”

Archives Celebrates October Archives Month

Welcome to Archives Month at the Msgr. William Noé Field Archives and Special Collections Center, ground floor, Walsh Library, opposite the Walsh Gallery.  We are offering three opportunities to get to know us: Thursday, 16 October @ 3pm Thursday 23 October @ 5:30pm Thursday 30 October @ 11am We will have some objects on display, … Continue reading “Archives Celebrates October Archives Month”

Walsh Gallery Presents “Contemporary Spirituality in African Art” January 17th, 2024-May 20th, 2024

The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University presents Contemporary African Spirituality in Art. The show is curated by Atim Annette Oton the Director and Curator of Calabar Gallery which showcases contemporary African and African Diaspora artists in three locations. The exhibition features more than 25 artists working abroad and in the United States to collectively … Continue reading “Walsh Gallery Presents “Contemporary Spirituality in African Art” January 17th, 2024-May 20th, 2024″

Scary Stories from the Rare Book Collections

Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky tales from Seton Hall’s rare book collections!  They come from the book Ancient Legends of Ireland, written by Lady Wilde (mother of Oscar Wilde!), which we hold in our collections, and is currently on display in Walsh Gallery.  You can read the entire book online at the … Continue reading “Scary Stories from the Rare Book Collections”


On the second floor of the Walsh Library is a rare petroglyph – a prehistoric rock carving – made between 3000-1000 B.C.E. The petroglyph generates numerous research requests each year due to its unique nature. One of those requests was made by the National Scenic Visitors Center/Earthwalk USA of Zionsville, Pennsylvania for their Earthwalk Explorer … Continue reading “PETROGLYPH FEATURED IN TRAVELING EXHIBITION”

All Saints’ Day

by Jeanne Brasile   November 1 is the annual celebration of All Saints Day which honors all Catholic saints, particularly those with no special feast day of their own.  All Saints Day is celebrated worldwide by Roman Catholics as well as other Christian denominations.  A feast day commemorates a saint or saints who are remembered … Continue reading “All Saints’ Day”

Special Collections Coloring Book

Finished coloring the Special Collections Coloring Book? Still curious? Look no further! Below are the original images of those in the Special Collections Coloring Book along with their information.   William F.J. Ryan Seton Hall University coat of arms Gouache on board 16” x 13” Mid 20th century 2021.04.0001 Ryan designed coats of arms for … Continue reading “Special Collections Coloring Book”

The D’Argenio Collection of Coins and Antiquities

To learn about the The D’Argenio Collection of Coins and Antiquities please use the tabs to the left to navigate through the exhibition.  Introduction Denarius of Emperor Tiberius – also known as a Tribute PennySilver14 – 37 C.E.2015.16.0058Gift of Ron D’Argenio One of Seton Hall University’s most distinguished collections, the D’Argenio Collection of Coins and Antiquities, includes … Continue reading “The D’Argenio Collection of Coins and Antiquities”