Author: Siobhan McGirl

Mickey Mouse Gets Drafted

Back in the 1920s, when it all started with a mouse, the last thing Mickey could have been thinking was that he would be on the front lines of battle. But Walt Disney, creator of Mickey and founder of Walt Disney Pictures, changed his plans when the US was drawn into the Second World War. Disney has shifted gears from Bambi to Navy training videos, becoming one of the most ardent supporters of the war effort in Hollywood. Mickey Mouse (meaning Walt Disney himself and the whole Disney product) is a phenomenon that is simple on the surface, but...

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Surprise Blackouts Sweep the East Coast

From streetlights to headlights, major cities on the East Coast went completely dark this past week, as surprise blackout drills hit the U.S. for the first time. For the last few months, 30 million Americans living in coastal areas have been experiencing dim-out drills in preparation for air raids, but this was the first time for complete blackouts in many cities. On different nights last week New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. all experienced near-total darkness come 10 o’clock at night. People were going about their nights when alarms started to sound in every area. There were many...

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Alleged Nazi agents face possible execution after sabotage attempt foiled

All was quiet on the night of June 12 as 21-year-old Coast Guardsman Jack Cullen stood watch. Dense fog covered the water off the coast of Long Island. Suddenly, the silence was broken with the buzzing of a machine. Cullen saw four men in bathing suits emerge from the water. It did not take long for Cullen to realize that these men were exiting a German U-Boat. What followed was a death threat, a bribe, and a long manhunt for the four Nazi saboteurs who invaded Long Island. On the same night, four other men arrived on a beach in...

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U.S. warily welcomes European war refugees

Countless European civilians desperate to escape Axis-dominated countries wish to come to the United States. A little over a week ago, 677 such refugees arrived in New York harbor. The refugees traveled to America aboard the ocean liner Drottningholm. While all of the passengers had took the same journey across the Atlantic, they came from very different homes. The liner was filled with individuals from Axis-held Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Italy, as well as fascist-ruled Spain. The passengers arrived amidst a time of wariness. As the ship docked in the harbor, U.S. officials geared up to conduct an unusually...

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