Starship Technologies Paving Way for Robotics in Food Delivery

In the recent years of the exploding tech market, the movement of commodities has been the target of some of the most exciting advancements. From the revolutionary supply chain processes of Amazon to the killing of the taxi business by Uber and Lyft, the logistics of transportation has become a breeding ground for top-of-the-line innovation. The next target subsector of this industry is food delivery.

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CEO Pay Gaps Are Growing

The easiest way to define pay inequality is looking at how much a CEO is paid compared to the amount their employees are paid. The excessive amount that CEOs are paid not only matters because of general inequality, but it affects the entire pay structure within a company. The money that the CEO is being paid comes from the same place that everyone else’s’ pay is coming from as well.

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Samsung Reinforcing Supply Chain in Asia to Expand Production

Over the coarse of the pandemic, there has been an increased demand among consumers for electronic products, particularly Samsung products. In an effort to meet demand requests, the Korean tech giant plans to enlarge production lines and build more manufacturing plants in Pakistan, as well hire more workers.

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