Keep a Lookout for Fuel Surcharges

Trina Stroedecke
Technology Editor

With gasoline prices increasing, we will start to see more and more fuel surcharges being added. (Photo courtesy of 9News)

Many of us use a food delivery app of some kind, whether it is to get our groceries delivered at home for the week or just to have a salad dropped off at the office. While tips for these food delivery drivers do go to the drivers directly, many companies have begun rolling out an extra fuel surcharge that will go directly to the driver, to help offset some of the costs that the spike in gasoline prices is costing drivers out of pocket.

DoorDash launched a rewards program for their drivers this week, giving drivers 10% back on their gas purchases made with their “Dasher Direct” prepaid debit card. They have also rolled out a cash bonus that will be rewarded to drivers who travel at least 100 miles a week while making deliveries.

As confirmed directly on Instacart’s website, “We’re implementing a temporary surcharge on customer orders to help offset the increased cost of gas over the next month.” This temporary surcharge will add $0.40 to the total of the order, which will be displayed before the customer submits their order. Vice President of Operations, Tom Maguire, says that this surcharge was created to assist drivers of Instacart who are paying more for gas than they had to in the past as gasoline prices are increasing at an alarming rate. In a statement last week, he announced that “In a time of increased fuel costs across North America, we know that every cent counts, and we’re hopeful this temporary fuel assistance will help offset some of the near-term challenges that shoppers are facing.”

Other companies, such as RideShare apps Lyft and Uber, will also add temporary fuel surcharges to rider’s totals. Lyft will add $0.55 per ride, which will go directly to the drivers, while Uber will add either $0.40 or $0.55 to their riders’ totals, depending on the location of the ride. Uber Eats customers will also be charged a fuel surcharge of $0.35 or $0.45. Both Lyft and Uber stated that all riders are subject to these surcharges for at least the next 60 days, effective March 11th.


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