Samsung Reinforcing Supply Chain in Asia to Expand Production

Radha Patel
International Business Editor

Samsung is the largest producer of TVs, which account for 31 percent of the world TV market (Photo courtesy of Google Images)

Over the coarse of the pandemic, there has been an increased demand among consumers for electronic products, particularly Samsung products. In an effort to meet demand requests, the Korean tech giant plans to enlarge production lines and build more manufacturing plants in Pakistan, as well hire more workers.

Among Samsung’s leading products were TVs, which account for 31 percent of the world TV market. Samsung is the largest producer of TVs, which comes as no surprise in context of the large sales revenue generated by one of it’s most popular products. In Karachi, Pakistan, there is also the construction of a mobile phone factory underway. The future mobile phone plant was originally an automotive plant but is being repurposed to fit Samsung’s tech production needs, which include mid-to-low segment Galaxy A and Galaxy M smartphones, as well as the popular foldable smartphones, according to industry insiders. Other plant locations besides Pakistan, such as in Vietnam, are also ramping up their smartphone production, as its workforce to reach the demand of consumers. In the home country of Korean tech giant, there are plans to hire 1,000 more workers for its smartphone factory in the province of Bac Ninh in addition to the hiring of 3,000 more workers at the factory located in Thai Nguyen.


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