Marketing for the Spooky Season

As the weather gets colder and leaves get crisper, companies are gearing up for Halloween to capitalize on this revenue generating season. The holiday season is a sentimental time of the year where traditions are practiced and shared, but with only a few holidays that draw such high consumer spending Halloween is just as exciting for marketers as it is for kids. This year marketers have leveled up their game from new candy safes to human-flavored cat food.

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Has the Pandemic Changed Workplace Fashion?

Working remotely from home (or anywhere else) when the pandemic began led to a sharp change in workplace fashion. It started with looking professional from the waist up because no someone was wearing their favorite sweats or pajama bottoms during Zoom calls. Once people began to realize remote work was going to become the new reality business professional outfits altogether were replaced by comfortable clothing we tend to always wear outside of work hours at home.

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Liberty Steel Cash Injection to Save 660 Jobs

In an effort to evade job loss of employees at its Rotherham plant in the UK, Liberty Steel, a global steel manufacturing and mining company, has received an injection of nearly $70 million (£50 million) in shareholder funds into the company. This comes after the company’s major financial service lender, Greensill Capital, filed for insolvency protection earlier this year. These funds will be issued through a separate corporate entity called Liberty Captial. 

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Ex-Cybersecurity Officer Bodes Warning in Farewell to the Department of Defense

Nicholas Chaillian, a French-born, former technology entrepreneur turned U.S. Government Executive is stepping down from his role as Chief Software Officer of the Air Force, a role he has held since May of 2018. In a bombastic resignation statement, a frustrated Chaillian claims that the U.S. has all but lost the battle to control Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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