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Stillman Mentorship Program: Financial Literacy Event

Daibelis Acevedo
Stillman News Section Editor

On October 18, 2021, the Stillman Mentorship Program held an amazing event about financial literacy. With the appearance of Dean Schild and Dr. Itzkowitz as panelist, students were able to grasp an understanding of how crucially important it is to be financially literate.

Dr. Itzkowitz shared some stories about her personal life and what truly motivated her to become an expert in her own finances. She went into details about how being financially literate not only will help you now, but it is a skill that can help in the long run. Furthermore, Dr. Itzkowitz showed students her personal budget sheet which she came up with on her own. Using a budget sheet helps her and her husband make smart decisions in terms of their finances, and it also helps them build toward their goals.

Additionally, Dr. Itzkowitz also provided a strategy for students to start thinking about their future and their net worth. With a simple excel sheet, she keeps track of her own personal net worth which was a great lesson for students to take with them.

Pictured above is an image from the Financial Literacy Event (Photo courtesy of Daibelis Acevedo)

Dean Schild emphasized the importance of setting goals. He wanted to make sure that students understood how important this process was when it comes to being financially literate. Dean Schild advised students that without personal goals, it is really hard to make it because you won’t know exactly what you are trying to even make happen. Dean Schild gave two very important tips on becoming financially literate. First he said reading articles from a business newspaper like The Wall Street Journal, or Morning Brew. One of the best ways to stay informed is by keeping up with some of these articles and broadening your business knowledge. Dean Schild’s second recommendation is to have these financial conversation with your parents and/or loved ones! We tend to fall under the cycle of not talking about such important issues with our parents but simply having a conversation about this can make a world of a difference.

From topics of investing, to saving, to Roth IRA, Dean Schild and Dr. Itzkowitz shared extremely valuable information.

For more events like these held by the Stillman Mentorship Program, check out their Instagram page (@stillman_mentorship) for any upcoming announcements!


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