The Amazon Rainforest Is No Longer for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

The Amazon is a protected rainforest, not only for animals who call it home, but for indigenous people as well. This illegal land possession drives the natives of the space to find new water sources and hunting areas and forcing them to relocate their families after decades of living in the area.

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Google’s Change In Data Collection Represents a Shifting Industry

Chrome will discontinue data collection for individual users and instead group users together by popular interests. They will also begin to secure web histories on individual user devices. Google has already said they will be moving forward with getting rid of third-party cookies. They hope that these steps will allow marketers to evolve in a way that they can still use valuable information to advertise relevant products to users while simultaneously taking greater steps to secure the individual.

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Facebook and Apple Go Head-to-Head

Facebook is concerned about a future iOS update that would pose a threat to its advertising business because of built-in privacy protections the software will have. Facebook relies on the collection of data to provide marketers with tools to target certain individuals. In their business, the tiniest improvement to the funnel could mean millions or even tens of millions of dollars.

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