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Bishops and Archbishops of Newark, Priests of St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral, Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life

The Bishops and Archbishops of Newark

Rt. Rev. James Roosevelt Bayley – 1853-1872
Later Archbishop of Baltimore

Rt. Rev. Michael Augustine Corrigan – 1873-1880
Later Archbishop of New York

Rt. Rev. Winand Michael Wigger – 1881-1901

Rt. Rev. John Joseph O’Connor – 1901-1927

Most Rev. Thomas Joseph Walsh – 1928-1952

Most Rev. Thomas Aloysius Boland – 1953-1974

Most Rev. Peter Leo Gerety – 1974-1986

Most Rev. Theodore E. McCarrick – 1986-2000
Later Cardinal-Archbishop of Washington

Most Rev. John J. Myers – 2001-2016

Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin – 2017-

Episcopal Consecrations and Installations
in St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral

James Roosevelt Bayley
installed on November 11, 1853

Michael Augustine Corrigan
consecrated and installed on May 4, 1873

Winand Michael Wigger
consecrated and installed on October 18, 1881

John Joseph O’Connor
consecrated and installed on July 25, 1901

Thomas Joseph Walsh
installed on May 1, 1928

Episcopal Funerals from St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral

Archbishop Bayley – 1877

Bishop Wigger – 1901

Bishop O’Connor – 1927

Archbishop Walsh – 1952

Rectors and Pastors of St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral

Reverend Louis Dominic Senez – 1850-1853

Reverend Bernard J. McQuaid – 1853-1868,
Later Bishop of Rochester, New York

Rt. Rev. Monsignor George H. Doane, P.A. – 1868-1905

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Isaac P. Whelan – 1905-1918

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Francis P. McHugh – 1919-1924

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Edward F. Quirk – 1925-1932

Rt. Rev. Monsignor John G. Delaney – 1932-1943

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Paul L. Collins – 1943-1953

Rt. Rev. Monsignor James Looney – 1953-1968

Reverend Thomas F. Brennan – 1968-1976

Rev. Monsignor John J. Maloney – 1977- 1989

Rev. Monsignor Neil J. Mahoney – 1990-2015

Reverend Pedro Bismarck Chau – 2015 –

St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral Today


Pastors and Priests who have served at St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral

Reverend John Hogan
Reverend John Lewis
Reverend Patrick Egan
Reverend Benjamin  F. Allaire
Reverend Nicholas Balleis
Rt. Rev. Monsignor George H. Doane, P.A.
Rt. Rev. Winand M. Wigger, Bishop of Newark
Reverend John M. Gervais
Reverend Thomas Killeen
Reverend James Daly
Reverend James F. Dalton
Reverend Charles A. Reilly
Reverend Joseph Rolando
Reverend Patrick J. Garvey
Reverend Louis Schneider
Reverend Alphonsus N. Steets
Reverend Hugh P. Fleming
Reverend John F. O’Connor
Reverend Thomas J. Toomey
Reverend John O’Grady
Rt. Rev. Monsignor John A. Sheppard
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph M. Flynn
Reverend Joseph Borghese
Rt. Rev. James A. McFaul
Later Bishop of Trenton
Reverend Michael J. Brennan
Reverend Hugh B. Ward
Reverend William F. Wahl
Reverend John Duffy
Reverend James J. Hall
Rt. Rev. Monsignor M. J. White
Reverend James H. Brady
Reverend Thomas A. Wallace
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Thomas J. Kernan
Reverend James J. Smith
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Paul F. Carew, P.A.
Reverend John F. McCarthy
Reverend M. J. Kelly
Reverend George D. O’Neil
Reverend William T. McLaughlin
Reverend William J. Richmond
Reverend Joseph J. Gately
Rt. Rev. Monsignor William F. Grady
Reverend Thomas J. McEnery
Reverend Walter F. Fallon
Reverend William P. Smith
Reverend John H. Hogan
Rt. Rev. Monsignor John E. Kiernan
Rt. Rev. Monsignor William A. McDonald
Reverend William P. Brennan
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Peter B. O’Connor, P.A.
Rt. Rev. Monsignor John G. Delaney
Rt. Rev. Monsignor John A. Weisbrod
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph C. Lenihan
Reverend Thomas J. Kenney
Reverend Joseph P. Colrick
Reverend John F. Sullivan
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Paul L. Collins
Reverend Denis J. Whelan
Reverend Benjamin W. Howe
Rev. Monsignor Horton Raught
Reverend Henry Kozikowski, O.M.C.
Rev. Monsignor Vincent P. Coburn
Reverend Patrick J. Owens
Reverend Edmund Joyce, T.O.R.
Rev. Monsignor James F. Johnson
Reverend James R. O’Neill
Reverend Boleslaus S. Moscinski
Rev. Monsignor John J. Fahy
Reverend Francis C. Barry
Rev. Monsignor James F. Kelley
Reverend Stanley J. Adamczyk
Rev. Monsignor John T. Lawlor
Reverend David McCarthy
Reverend James Cohallen
Reverend Edward Kern
Reverend Howard Colgan
Reverend John Shanley
Reverend Francis Fallon
Rev. Monsignor John J. Kiley
Reverend Joseph M. Quinlan
Rev. Monsignor William J. Daly
Reverend Lawrence Solar, T.O.R.
Reverend Michael Pascal, T.O.R.
Reverend John Costello
Rev. Monsignor Alexander F. Sokolich
Reverend Placid Alvarez, O.S.B.
Reverend Gennadius Diaz, O.S.B.
Rev. Monsignor Thomas W. Heck
Reverend Leon Perez, O.A.R.
Reverend Antonio Palos, O.A.R.
Reverend James F. Conti
Reverend John P. Nikas
Reverend John J. Walsh
Reverend John G. Hanley
Reverend Patrick Conalan, S.J.
Reverend Jesus Domench, O.A.R.
Reverend Kenneth Herbster
Reverend Thomas Brennan
Rev. Monsignor Neil J. Mahoney
Rev. Monsignor William Harms
Rev. Monsignor John Petillo
Reverend Hector Rubin
Reverend Dominic Fuccile
Reverend Edward J. Bowens
Reverend Ronald Marczewski
Reverend Antonio Anta
Most Rev. Paul Bootkoski, later auxiliary bishop of Newark and bishop of Metuchen
Reverend Paul A. Viale
Reverend John R. Waldron
Reverend Thomas Tooman
Reverend John Dennehy
Rev. Monsignor William J. Reilly
Reverend William J. S. O’Brien
Reverend Guillermo Arias
Reverend Kai Vu
Reverend Roberto Paiz
Rev. Monsignor Robert J. Wister
Rev. Monsignor Christopher J. Hynes
Reverend Pedro Bismarck Chau
Reverend Esterminio Chica
Reverend Juan Alexander Ortega Ortiz

Members of the Parish Who Entered the Service of the Lord

Reverend Martin Gessner
Reverend Michael E. Kane
Reverend Michael J. Holland
Rt. Rev. Walter H. Hill, P.A.
Reverend James J. Brennan
Reverend William H. Dornin
Reverend William M. R. Callan
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph M. Flynn
Reverend John P. Callahan
Reverend Lawrence C. Carroll
Reverend Daniel F. McCarthy
Reverend James H. Corrigan
Reverend George W. Corrigan
Most Rev. Michael A. Corrigan
Bishop of Newark
Archbishop of New York
Rt. Rev. Monsignor George Hobart Doane, P.A.
(received into church at cathedral)
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Edward J. Begley
Reverend James J. Coyle
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Philip T. McCabe
Rt. Rev. Monsignor James J. McKenna
Reverend Nicholas J. Murray, S.J.
Reverend Coleman A. Powers, O.F.M.
Rev. Monsignor Thomas W. Heck
Reverend John J. Gibbons
Deacon Donald Niles

Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

Sister M. Eudora Brady
Sister Maria Madeleine Brady
Sister Bernadette Marie Cunningham
Sister Catherine Marita Curran
Sister Margaret Anna Fitzsimmons
Sister Marie Stella Fitzsimmons
Sister Agnes Geraldine Gaffigan
Sister Michael Marie Harvey
Sister Frances Gerard Hill
Sister Clara Agnes James
Sister Anna Concepta McLaughlin
Sister Alma Concilio Moran
Sister Catherine Therese Mullen
Sister Margaret Alacoque Murphy
Sister Maria Beatrice Scarry
Sister Maria Martha Smith
Sister Maria Grace Tammany
Sister Loretta Frances Thompson
Sister Eileen Shaw
Sister Joseph Van Derbeek

Society of the Atonement

Sister Mary Isabel Keeler, S.A.

 Sisters of St. John the Baptist

Sister Maura Hyland, C.S.J.B.

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