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The Raggi Nave Paintings

Above the arches of the bays, on either side of the arch, are paintings of Old and New Testament figures and Doctors of the Church. They are on canvas and fastened to the wall. Originally there was much blue, green, and gold decorative design around them, filling the entire space between the arches and the clerestory windows. The spelling of the names is an interesting mixture of Latin and Italian, reflecting the painter’s Italian origin.

From front to back there are four Patriarchs, four Prophets, four Evangelists, ten Apostles (two of the evangelists were also apostles), and four Doctors of the Latin or Western Church. The grouping represents the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Church.

Beginning on the right side, proceeding from the sanctuary to the rear of the church, and then returning up the left side to the sanctuary, they are:

  • Patriarch Abramo [Abraham]
  • Patriarch Noe [Noah]
  • Prophet Elia [Elijah, Elias]
  • Prophet Isaia [Isaiah, Isaias]
  • Saint Marcus [Mark] Evangelist
  • Saint Lucas [Luke] Evangelist
  • Saint Paulus [Paul] Apostle
  • Saint Andreas [Andrew] Apostle
  • Saint Bartholomeus [Bartholomew] Apostle
  • Saint Jacobus Maj [James the Greater, the Elder] Apostle
  • Saint Simon [Simon] Apostle
  • Saint Greg Mag [Gregory the Great] Doctor
  • Saint Agustinus [Augustine] Doctor
  • Saint Ambrosio [Ambrose] Doctor
  • Saint Girolomo [Jerome] Doctor
  • Saint Thaddeus Apostle
  • Saint Thomas Apostle
  • Saint Phillipus [Philip] Apostle
  • Saint Jacobus Min [James the Lesser, the Younger] Apostle
  • Saint Petrus [Peter] Apostle
  • Saint Joannes [John] Evangelist
  • Saint Matteus [Matthew] Evangelist
  • Prophet Daniel
  • Prophet Mose [Moses]
  • Patriarch Isac [Isaac]
  • Patriarch Adam

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