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By More than 2-1, American Public Says Student Athletes Should Be Allowed to Profit from Use of Name/Image/Likeness

In Dramatic Shift, Public Thinks All Student Athletes in Revenue Producing Sports Should Be Compensated Beyond Scholarships

South Orange NJ, March 16, 2021 – By more than a 2-to-1 margin, Americans believe that student athletes should be allowed to profit from the use of their name, image or likeness (NIL), according to a national poll conducted March 13-15 by the Seton Hall Sports Poll. This result is consistent with the poll’s findings from 2019.

Fifty-six percent of the general population favored compensation, with 25 percent opposed and 19 percent undecided.  Under NCAA rules, such compensation has never been permitted among colleges in the US.

The trend is relatively steady from when the question was first asked in an October 2019 Seton Hall Sports Poll, where slightly less than a 2-to-1 margin favored NIL compensation for student athletes. In that poll, however, the number in favor of compensation was larger (60 percent) ) but so was the number opposed (32 percent compared to just 25 percent in this most recent poll). In 2019 the number of undecided was just eight percent; in 2021 the undecided on the issue totaled 19 percent.

The margin of error for this week’s poll is 3.2 percent; in 2019 it was 3.8 percent. A total of 1,538 people participated in the current poll, geographically spread across the country.

Sports Fans in Favor, 10 pt. Net Shift Up
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