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Sports Fans Weigh In, Some Baseball Rules Are Ready for Change: Support for National League DH, Seven-Inning Doubleheaders, 16-Team Playoffs Is Strongest; 42 Percent of Sports Fans ‘More Excited’ for this Year’s Baseball Season.

South Orange NJ, March 25, 2021 – Faced with declining attendance every season since 2013 (excluding the Covid-shortened 2020 season), Major League Baseball is looking at rule changes to speed up the game and maybe win back the hearts of its fans.

Some of the rule changes were implemented last year and will continue for the new season, some are on the table among 2022 proposals for MLB, and others are slated for further experimentation this year in the minor leagues.

Feelings about these rule changes were measured by a new Seton Hall Sports Poll, which also showed that 27 percent of the general population is excited about the new baseball season as compared to last year’s covid-shortened one. That excitement climbs to 42 percent among self-described sports fans and 58 percent among avid fans.
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