Nursing in the Archdiocese of Newark Exhibit

Display case with nursing uniform and historic photograph

The Msgr. William Noé Field Archives and Special Collections Center has a new exhibit related to nursing in the Archdiocese of Newark.  Uniforms for graduates of two training programs are on display in a case which can be viewed from the hallway between the Walsh Gallery and the Archives, ground floor, Walsh Library.  From 1927 we have a uniform and cape, along with a class picture, donated by graduate Marion Mook’s daughter, Barbara Lieberman.  Ms. Mook Goodwin passed away recently at the age of 105, perhaps the last of her class.  The uniform, blue and white striped cotton with white apron, pinafore and collar was highly starched and accompanied by a traditional red-lined navy woolen cape with gold insignia buttons and OMH embroidered on the collar.  We did not receive a cap, but the starched winged style with single black ribbon can be seen in the photograph.

In contrast, the Seton Hall Nurse’s uniform from the 1950’s is blue with white piping and Seton Hall College insignia on the pocket that matches the one on the cap.  A black woolen blazer with insignia on the pocket would complete the ensemble.  This cap comprises two pieces of buckram.  One about four inches wide, with the Seton Hall seal, arches up over the crown and meets a band which borders the bottom of the crown piece, and meets in the back.  This would be pinned to the hair atop the head like the one from St. Mary’s Hospital.  Every nurses’ training school had a different cap by which the graduates could be identified.  Completing the exhibit is a Miss Seton Hall doll in Seton Hall Nurse’s uniform from cap to blue uniform.

The exhibit will be available whenever Walsh Library is open, through 30 June 2011.

For more information please contact exhibit creator and coordinator Kate Dodds at:  973-761-9476, or by e-mail at: