A New ClinicalTrials.gov Interface!

The National Library of Medicine has officially launched newly designed and modernized version of ClinicalTrial.gov.  The new design is visually more appealing for the user to find and retrieve relevant trial information for their research.  Some of the new updates include as left-side menus and expandable menus, that improve navigation and make information more discoverable. Ultimately, its a nice and cleaner look that’ll make finding trial information more streamlined.

The Focus Your Search menu on the left side of your screen allows you to input your clinical topics by category. You can search by Condition or disease, Other Terms, Intervention/Treatment and Location 

Figure 1: Homepage showing new “Search” features.


The homepage includes an additional “More Filters” section that expands upon clicking the plus sign (+). This can also be found in the search results page.  This gives the user more options in terms of expanding and limiting their search.  Users can find studies based on their current location, a city, state, country, or a specific address using the “Location” field with the newly integrated map.

Figure 2: Search showing the “More Filters” section.

On the search results page, users can choose either the card view or the table view to display the list of clinical studies. The card view displays information such as study type and recruitment status, study locations. The table view allows users to organize and compare studies by showing, hiding, or reordering columns. Additional filters to help narrow and customize the search results are available in a left-side menu on either view.

Figure 3: Search Results


The study record  has been redesigned to have features such as collapsible sections and interactive study results tables. Technical table views for data researchers  are now available to meet needs of date related research. The “Record History” tab has been reorganized so users can view relevant information in historical versions of the study record.

study record

Figure 4: Study Overview page

The legacy ClinicalTrials.gov website will remain available under the URL classic.ClinicalTrials.gov  Visit the modernized ClinicalTrials.gov to become more familiar with their new design and layout.  New updates are underway to keep up with user feedback.