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FOCUS on the Global Energy Crisis: Africa

The Russian invasion of Ukraine sent economic shockwaves across the world, affecting the production of economic staples such as wheat and nickel and putting significant strain on the global supply chain, reports CNBC. The energy market is one of the most significantly affected industries, and the strain impacts far more than the West. Africa is beginning to feel the brunt of this crisis.

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Turbulent Take-Off: COVID-19 Immunization Efforts Finally Roll Out in South Africa

After a turbulent take-off, the South African government has finally started vaccinating its people against the COVID-19 virus. The country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, was among the first six people to receive the jab, according to VOA. Earlier in the month, the South African government halted the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine on frontline workers after a study found it not to be effective enough against the variant prevalent in that country.

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South Africa’s Ruling Party Wins Elections Despite Ebbing Support

On May 8, South Africa held its most competitive and consequential general election since the first post-Apartheid multi-racial elections in 1994. It will be used as a marker to determine how well the new President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has been received by the public after former President Jacob Zuma was ousted by his own party.

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South African Students Protest Annual Tuition Increase

According to the International Business Times, the generation born after the end of apartheid, known as the “born-free generation,” still faces many injustices. Tuition fees in South Africa have been rising steadily for the past six years, and although President Jacob Zuma said in a press conference that there will be a zero-percent increase in university fees in 2016, a year of respite cannot fix the damage already done.

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