The Diplomatic Envoy

Author: Joaquin Matamis

2021April 2021OpinionAsia

The Taiwan Question: Strategic Ambiguity Is Not Enough 

Ever since Taiwan separated itself from mainland China in 1949, relations between Beijing and Tapiei have been tenuous at best. At worst, the Taiwan Strait is a hotbed for diplomatic and military gridlock as Beijing and Taiwan vie for control of the region. On April 20, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army flew a squadron of 25 aircraft into Taiwan airspace, the South China Morning Post reports. While these exercises are not uncommon in the Taiwan Strait, the incursion comes at a time of great tension between China and the United States’ growing relationship with Taiwan.

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October 2020Opinion2020Europe

A Tale of Cardinals and Corruption

As if straight out of an episode of HBO’s The Young Pope, the Vatican has recently erupted amidst a vast financial scandal and political intrigue within the Church. On September 25, Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, a high-ranking member of the clergy who headed the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, resigned from his position upon Pope Francis’s request.

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April 2020GlobalInternational News2020

Misinformation and the Rise of the “Infodemic” 

Since COVID-19 first entered the collective consciousness of media and society, people far and wide continue to spread all information they can gather on the virus. Unfortunately, whether maliciously intended or not, this has led to the widespread dissemination of misinformation on a viral scale.

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October 2019FocusEscalation: Peaceful Protest to Violent Rebellion2019

Focus on Escalation: Hong Kong

On October 5, the Hong Kong government issued an anti-mask law, targeting protesters in the ongoing anti-government movement. Despite the government’s best attempts at quelling the movement, the ban has sparked more defiant and violent protests, threatening the livelihood of Hong Kong’s citizens.

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