2023International News

Lula Announces Putin Can Attend Next G20 Summit Without Fear of Arrest

Next September, the G20 summit is scheduled to convene once again in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. According to The Guardian, left-wing President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva commented, that Putin can go easily to Brazil. Lula further asserted, “…if I’m Brazil’s president, and if he comes to Brazil, there’s no reason he’ll be arrested,” eliciting much criticism, largely because of Brazil’s inclusion in the 1998 Rome Statute.

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October 2021Frozen ConflictsConflict and Security

FOCUS on Frozen Conflicts: Ukraine-Russia

Seven years ago, Russia annexed Crimea in southern Ukraine, sparking the largest security crisis in Europe since the end of the Cold War. Today, this conflict continues to simmer, with over 10,000 killed and 24,000 injured, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Eastern Europe is no stranger to uncertainty, but the situation in Ukraine presents a serious obstacle to peace in the region and has left the country in a precarious state of limbo. 

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October 2021Eastern EuropeInternational News

Prison Officials Designate Navalny as a “Terrorist” and an “Extremist”

On October 11, the officials of a Russian prison in Vladimirskaya Oblast, which is located about 60 miles east of Moscow, designated the opposition leader Alexei  Navalny as a “terrorist” and an “extremist” according to Reuters. He was given these designations after the same commission revoked his previous status as an “escape-risk,” a status which necessitated more tedious “accounting.”

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2021March 2021Eastern EuropeFocusVaccine Diplomacy

FOCUS on Vaccine Diplomacy: Russia

The global effort against COVID-19 is intensifying as countries race to vaccinate their populations and use vaccine diplomacy to improve relations with foreign nations. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine now has emergency authorization in more than 30 countries and a peer-reviewed efficacy rate of 91.6 percent in Phase 3 trials, reports the New York Times Vaccine Tracker. Researchers are currently working on a single-dose version of Sputnik V, which would be called “Sputnik Light.”

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2021March 2021International NewsEurope

Moscow Court Rejects Russian Opposition Leader Navalny’s Appeal

On Saturday, February 20, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s demand to be released from prison was rejected by a Moscow appeals court. According to Politico, Navalny has been jailed in Moscow since returning to Russia in January based on the supposition that he violated his parole agreement related to a previous conviction of embezzlement.

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World2021February 2021International NewsEurope

Putin Critic Detained Upon Arrival in Moscow

CNBC reports that Russian opposition leader and Putin critic, Alexei Navalny, has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison following his return to Russia in January. Navalny has been on a wanted list since 2014 for allegedly violating the terms of a suspended sentence. Upon his arrival at the airport in Moscow, Russian authorities arrested him before he could even get his passport stamped.

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October 2020Eastern EuropeInternational News2020

Russia Successfully Tests New Hypersonic Cruise Missile

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced the successful test of a new hypersonic cruise missile known as Tsirkon, a move hailed as a “great event” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Barron’s. The missile was fired from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate in the White Sea and hit its target 280 miles away in the Barents Sea in northern Russia. The chief of the Russian military’s general staff, Valery Gerasimov, told Putin that this was the first successful sea launch, Al Jazeera reports. 

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