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Democracy is on the Ballot Around the World

The spread of misinformation and manipulation through artificial intelligence and social media platforms, the suppression of opposition candidates, and unreliable elections have made the fate of democracy a paramount campaign issue all around the globe. 

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October 20232023

Argentinean president election heads to runoff

Argentina’s general election, held on October 22, will head to a runoff after no candidate achieved the required 45 percent of the vote to win, according to The New York Times. Financial Times reports that the election sought to select a new president and vice president, who will both take office on Dec. 10, as well as 130 lower house representatives and 24 senators. 

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September 2023International News

Guatemalan Political Tension Continues After Presidential Election

This suspension order, which was issued just before Arévalo’s party was declared victorious, triggered considerable confusion immediately following the election and raised doubts about his victory. This decision effectively reinstated the legal status of Arévalo’s party, momentarily thwarting the efforts of opposing political factions to undermine his victory.

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October 2022International News

Brazilian Elections Head to Runoff as Right and Left Face Off

On October 2, Brazil held its presidential election and statistics show that it is headed for a run-off vote, reports Reuters. Election authorities stated on the day of the election that current right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro was surprisingly outperforming his rival former leftist president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva who was initially leading the polls in the days prior to the election.

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