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FOCUS on Public Diplomacy Conflicts – Mexico and Ecuador

Tensions between Mexico and Ecuador escalated on April 5, when Ecuadorian police invaded the Mexican Embassy in Quito. Jorge Glas, the former Ecuadorian Vice President, was arrested while taking refuge in the embassy after being convicted on accounts of corruption and bribery, leading to the diplomatic ties between the two countries being suspended. 

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2024April 2024International News

Bulgaria and Romania Partially Join Schengen Area

Bulgaria and Romania are the newest partial members of the Schengen Area, the border-free travel zone guaranteeing free movement of goods, people, and capital, which is now comprised of 29 members. Despite the veto from Austria, which enforces the new Schengen status in Bulgaria and Romania to remain unchanged for land borders, their accession is significant for both countries, aiding efforts to install ties to the European Union (EU). 

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2024April 2024WorldInternational News

Turkish Opposition Gets Victory in Local Elections

Local Turkish elections are unfolding and recent news shows that the future of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and current President Tayyip Erdoğan is uncertain. According to Brookings, Erdoğan’s early vows for Türkiye were to bring forth democratic reform but after almost decades of leadership the government has devolved into being “authoritarian and dysfunctional.”

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Argentina and Colombia Seek to Mend Relationship After Presidents Butt Heads

The governments of Argentina and Colombia have found themselves working to restore a friendly relationship in the wake of a dispute that started in late March of this year. According to a March 31 joint statement from both countries, “The respective governments have taken concrete steps to overcome any differences and strengthen this relationship.”

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Biden’s Refocusing Act

Leading up to his State of the Union address on March 7th, President Biden faced immense pressure to respond to a vast array of issues and political pressures. On both the domestic and international front, serious questions have arisen and continue to persist regarding his capacity, and the capacity of the U.S. government, to respond to a multitude of crises around the world. It therefore came as no surprise that foreign policy, an area of politics oft-ignored in the leadup to presidential elections, became a focal point of his speech.

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Sweden Finally Joins NATO

Effective as of March 7, 2024 the Kingdom of Sweden has officially joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, becoming the 23rd member state to do so. The Swedish entry into NATO has been a gradual process encompassing the change in national diplomatic policy regarding military alliances as well as the shifting popular domestic sentiments which placed their country in neutrality, apart from the conflicts seen in the rest of Europe. 

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2024March 2024International NewsEurope

“Mon corps, mon choix”: France makes abortion a constitutional right

On Monday, March 4, 2024, France made history by becoming the first nation to guarantee abortion as a constitutional right. Lawmakers in France passed this revolutionary amendment with a 780-72 vote. According to the BBC, The Palace of Versailles erupted in a standing ovation following the announcement of the results. President Emmanuel Macron described the move as ‘French pride’ that had sent a ‘universal message.’

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FOCUS on: Ceasefire/Peacemaking Efforts in Yemen

Yemen has been identified as the most impoverished Arab nation, as the country grapples with one of the most severe humanitarian crises in history. This crisis stems from a prolonged civil war that began in 2014 and has resulted in the Houthi militant group maintaining control over the region. With the recent escalation of the War in Gaza, the future of the region’s security and continued peace in Yemen hangs in uncertainty.

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