The Diplomatic Envoy

Author: Alexander Grey

November 2016Opinion2016

Internal Euroscepticism Threatens the EU

The European Union is often touted as the exemplar in international cooperation, but the Union is facing a number of grave threats that could ultimately tear it apart, from disputes over Ukrainian and Turkish membership to continued economic collapse in the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) states. Yet, the greatest adversary the EU must face is an enemy from within the gates: the growing number of Eurosceptics.

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October 2016Opinion2016

MH17 Report Gives More Fodder to Russia’s Spin Doctors

On September 28, one of the more interesting events in the Russia-Ukraine hostilities came to light as the Dutch Joint Investigation Team (JIT) released their findings on the MH17 plane crash. The report claimed that a Russian Buk missile was indeed used to take down the plane, fired from a field controlled by pro-Russian rebels. There is one vitally important question that still stands: what does this mean for the Putin administration?

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September 2016Opinion2016

Is the Colombian-FARC Peace Perpetual?

While the disarming of FARC ideally decreases the chances of groups splintering and becoming yet more bactrims, the threat is still ever present. Every attempt to stem the violence has ended with more people getting hurt, whether it was the PU party summarily executed or the paramilitaries turning into better-armed street gangs.

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