Author: Patrick Condon

Summer 2022Analysis2022

EU and US Funding Influences Regional Development in West Africa and Central America through Migration Management

The European Union and the United States are both experiencing increasingly deadly migration crises at their southern borders. From 2000 to 2020, cases of missing or dead migrants are estimated at over 39,000 people in the Mediterranean and around 7,000 people along the U.S.-Mexico border, although humanitarian agencies believe the actual number is much higher.

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2021November 2021Opinion

The False Promises of Sustainable Policies: the Politicization of the Fight against Climate Change

Sustainable environmental policies are nearly impossible to achieve at the current rate global governments are pursuing them. Numerous states profit from unsustainable practices of development, increasing the present divide between developed and developing countries. Old standards of development, and what it means to be sustainable, have systemically stunted progress toward sustainability.

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October 2021International NewsSchool of Diplomacy News

The Annual Concordia Summit in Discussion of the World’s Problems

The Annual Concordia Summit was held last September 20-23 in New York City alongside the High Segment of the 76th United Nations General Assembly. The summit was designed to revolve around the major topics of discussion at the UNGA this year. From environmental sustainability to vaccine distribution, the Concordia Summit delved into the largest problems in the world today.

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Global2021April 2021OpinionAmericas

U.S. Anti-Trans Bills Signal Growing Transphobic Legislation Around the World

Over the past four months, the United States has been hit with a wave of anti-transgender legislation. While these Republican Party-led bills claim to fight for the safety of both binary and non-binary children, courts and leading researchers affirmed the danger they pose to transgender children. But this wave in the U.S. does not come without equal movement around the world.

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2021March 2021OpinionAmericas

Legalizing Marijuana in Mexico Creates a Power Triangle Involving Transnational Drug Companies

Mexico is positioned to become the world’s largest legal marijuana market in the world. On March 11, 2020, the lower house of Mexico’s Congress passed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana. This bill would “let users with a permit carry up to 28g and grow as many as eight plants at home for personal use,” according to BBC News. Currently, it is illegal to carry more than five grams in Mexico. This promising bill does not come without warning though, as it fails to address the violent history of Mexico’s cartel-led market.

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2021February 2021OpinionAmericas

The Eerie Future of U.S. Political Protests, a Warning from Brazilian Demonstrators

Brazil and the United States have experienced a rise in anti-establishment protests over the last decade. As leftist groups gained social acceptance in both countries, far-right groups started to emerge. These groups began putting greater pressure on sitting officials to make substantial changes, showing the need for political reform.

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November 2020Opinion2020

Should the Opinions of Foreign Leaders Matter in U.S. Elections?

The recent November election in the United States shed light on the near future of the U.S.’s international involvement. In many ways, the future of many trade agreements depended on this election, with certain doom guaranteed from a Trump victory. However, even as Biden came out on top, there was not necessarily a wave of hope and certainty for many foreign leaders, states NPR

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