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A Statement from The Diplomatic Envoy on Recent Events

In light of recent events, The Diplomatic Envoy reiterates its commitment to condemn any form of racism and prejudice in the clearest possible terms. We continue to refuse to publish anything expressing prejudice and we will always uphold this sentiment.

We stand with the Black community at this difficult time, both as individuals and as a student body. We want to provide validation to the messages of all our fellow Setonians, especially those of color. As such, we will be using our online platforms to amplify Black voices and student organizations. While the Envoy prides itself on being nonpartisan, not speaking out now would be a failure to promote equality and truth.

As a news publication, we are also concerned that some journalists covering protests have been targeted and arrested, raising concerns about press freedom in this crucial time. Reporters Without Borders says that as of June 1, journalists had been attacked at least 100 times in just four days and that these events ‘illustrate a disturbing pattern of deliberate violence targeting journalists’.

If you have a story about racism or oppression that you would like to share, please reach to anybody on the Editorial Board. We want to hear from you and help raise awareness.

Our words and actions must be louder than ever in the fights for social justice and racial equality. Thank you and please take care.

The Diplomatic Envoy Editorial Board

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