Lava Jato Crisis Update Brazil: Communism?

Communism is sweeping through South America! Brazil and its close ties with Venezuela have driven refugees fleeing the very socialist government towards the Brazilian boarder. Reputable news sources are writing about the corruption that several powerful Brazilian figures are accused of. As well, that several high ranking members have been involved in talks with Communist countries such as Cuba.  The public are extremely confused as a result of the infighting within the Brazilian political circles. They demand a conclusion as soon as possible.

In other news, the German government is gearing up to release a report on the Paradise Papers as the German government has control of the papers and the saucy details held within. These papers may have some hint of what will come through the investigations into the corruption in Brazil.

It seems as if there is some sort of mobilization on the Venezuelan border but due to thick shrubbery it is not clear what is happening. People on the streets of Brazil are upset as a result the knowledge of Dilma Rousseff’s committee that is working against the interests of Brazil. Tombini and Maia as well as Rousseff are under fire due to their involvement in some sort of corruption and political posturing. The press is becoming confused about the massive amount of press releases coming from anonymous sources.

Also, Dandelions??? Who knows.

More to come soon.

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