Lava Jato Crisis Update Brazil: Committee Action

Delegates recently passed directives that reach out to the public calling for more transparency between Rousseff’s government and the public. This is in response to Rousseff’s crackdown on LGBT groups and protesters marching through the streets of Brazilia. Delegates informed the public of their shared concerns about the allegations of corruption in the election that took place last year. Rousseff remains unpopular in the polls but continues to assert her innocence and cooperation with Curitiba.

In other news, delegates rejected a resolution that called for more executive power and an increase in the unilateral action that the committee, summoned by Rousseff, is able to make. However, delegates that feel centralization in a time of crisis is a poor choice prevailed. As well, Neymar has spoken out against corruption and supports Tombini in her upholding of the judicial system and the rights of all human beings.

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