Lava Jato Crisis Update Brasil: What is even happening anymore

Hola Comrades,

It seems Brazil as we knew it has fallen. The streets are overrun with the proletariat and the millions of combined Cubans, Venezuelans, and Guerrilla fighters. There seems nothing can be done. It seems in some bizarre twist of fate that Dilma Rousseff has been communicating with communists all along and that this has far reaching consequences for the rule of law.

Dilma Rousseff was about to be arrested by the Curitiba intelligence agency when Raul Castro and other communists burst into the room and defeated all intelligence representatives. It was then revealed that Rousseff has been working on a strong relationship with Castro this whole time and that she believes that the only way to get significant social reform is from communism.

She is extremely happy to be made dictator for life, as well as her EXTREMELY corrupt committee that follows behind her.

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