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D.U.L.C.E.: UDSA to Host Diplo Senator Town Hall

By Leah Cerilli
Associate Editor

February’s Diplomacy United Leadership and Communication Exchange (DULCE) meeting focused on the importance of professionalism and student leadership. Dean Bartoli and the School of Diplomacy have been consulting with the Stillman School of Business Leadership Development Program to provide students with effective leadership experience. Dean Andrea Bartoli said good leadership cannot be learned in the classroom and is best taught through experience. He also suggested that leadership classes be offered to Diplomacy students, particularly those with executive board positions. He hopes that student organizations will be run like professional organizations, teaching skills applicable to jobs and internships.

Dean Bartoli also emphasized the importance of good leadership skills within organizations that are undergoing leadership transitions, such as SHUNA, UDSA, and The Diplomatic Envoy. Representatives from UDSA and The Diplomatic Envoy offered suggestions on how they were handling their respective leadership transitions, such as starting the training process early and training current and future leaders side-by-side.

Next, Associate Dean Ursula Sanjamino and Kyle Younger, director of professional services, spoke about the importance of sending RSVPs in the School of Diplomacy and in the professional world. They noticed that although students often RSVP that they are coming to an event, they ultimately do not attend. Doing so defeats the purpose of RSVP, firstly because resources for these events are often limited and costly, which is why it is important to the School of Diplomacy to have an accurate number. Secondly, whenever spots are limited, spots are wasted if students who RSVP do not show up. Dean Sanjamino and Director Younger requested that students be cognizant and break this habit.

Dean Bartoli discussed the upcoming event on the diplomacy of Pope Francis. Archbishop Bernardito C. Auza, the permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, will speak in the Chancellor’s Suite on March 1 at 7 p.m. It will be his first public event at Seton Hall, so students are especially encouraged to attend to make a good impression. Interested students should RSVP to Sister Bosco Amakwe at Students were also invited to a Lenten Soup Dinner prior to the event at 6 p.m. in the Faculty Dining Room.

Matt Minor, a representative from UDSA, announced a town hall for candidates running to be the School of Diplomacy’s SGA senators. Students will get the opportunity to meet the candidates and discuss their plans for the position. The exact date will be determined when the list of candidates becomes public. Sophomore Noelle Sorich will monitor the discussion.

Neither of the School of Diplomacy’s incumbent senators was present at DULCE.

Leah Cerilli

Leah Cerilli is a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Diplomacy & International Relations, and Modern Languages (Spanish and Arabic). She is passionate about community service and working with local, international, and religious organizations. Contact Leah at

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