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D.U.L.C.E Corner: January

By Leah Cerilli
Associate Editor

January’s Diplomacy United Leadership and Communication Exchange (DULCE) meeting focused on the relationship between academic professionalism and professional work ethic, prompting students to reflect on their successes academically and in the context of work experience and club membership.

Craig Witmer, a 2016 graduate from the School of Diplomacy, gave a presentation on The Metropolitan Society for International Affairs, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization seeking to question and re-evaluate approaches to foreign policy. The organization conducts research, produces policy members, and hosts events related to foreign policy analysis.

The organization is focused on producing analysis and information accessible to a wide audience. He elaborated on this idea by showing a blog post by The Met Society, pointing out that the posts give wide overviews of topics “designed for the average person unfamiliar with ideas such as realism and liberalism.” He asked that contributors keep the purposes of the organization in mind, one of which is to provide accurate and easy-to-understand analyses.

Witmer also highlighted the need for new ideas and shared his hope of hosting multi-day festivals and conferences. The Met Society is always looking for contributors to write on topics such as the Middle East and North Africa, Climate Change, and International Political Economy. Those interested can contact Witmer at craig.m.witmer@gmail.com for more information about getting involved as a fellow or as a contributor.

The associate dean for external affairs, Elizabeth Halpin, delivered a presentation titled “Awakening Your Purpose.” She invited students to consider their purpose as individuals, students, and club members and leaders. Students reflected on the missions of their organization, and whether or not those missions were being met. Dean Halpin recommended keeping one’s meaning and purpose in mind with every action taken. She also reminded participants that the School of Diplomacy is a professional school, seeking to prepare students for the workforce. To do this, she recommended that student organizations be professional, strategic, and purpose-driven. She encouraged students to view the importance of their actions and organizations to produce better results.

The meeting concluded with updates from various Diplomacy organizations. Both the Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association (UDSA) and the Seton Hall chapter of the United Nations Associations of the United States of America (UNASHU) will be holding executive board elections in the coming weeks. Taylor Cain, a representative from UDSA, echoed Dean Halpin’s presentation, mentioning that UDSA is working to define its purpose of helping the Diplomacy School and its affiliate organizations. She welcomed feedback, suggestions, and participation in UDSA.

Leah Cerilli

Leah Cerilli is a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Diplomacy & International Relations, and Modern Languages (Spanish and Arabic). She is passionate about community service and working with local, international, and religious organizations. Contact Leah at leah.cerilli@student.shu.edu.

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