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Alumni Spotlight: Cara Richardson ’14

By Emily Green
Staff Writer

On March 8th, women across New York City disappeared from hundreds of billboards and magazines, marking the release of the Clinton Foundation’s groundbreaking No Ceilings report. The surprising occurrence attracted widespread international attention as part of the Not There campaign for gender equality, organized by none other than Clinton Foundation intern Cara Richardson, a recent graduate of the School of Diplomacy.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in May 2014, Cara wasted no time in pursuing her passion for gender equality. Through her internship with the Clinton Foundation, she has been hard at work researching and analyzing data for the organization’s comprehensive report on the status of women and girls.

Cara’s passion for gender equality began at an early age. While working for a member of the diplomatic community, she became aware of the widespread inequalities in economic and political opportunities for women. Determined to make a difference, she enrolled in Seton Hall’s Diplomacy and International Relations program, coupling her degree with a minor in both Economics and Italian.

While at Seton Hall, Cara became entranced with the question of measuring impact, especially that of non-profit organizations like the Clinton Foundation. She quickly got involved with a number of campus organizations, such as the Student Non-Profit Organization, the International Law Society, and the Sigma Iota Rho Honors Society. Cara was also an active member of SHU’s Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE) team.

It was through these organizations that Cara was able to explore her passions. She strongly believes that success is found through gaining experience in the field. Being actively involved with the Seton Hall community was an invaluable part of her education. In fact, it was her work with SAVE that led to her opportunity with the Clinton Foundation.

After sharing her extensive experience creating partnerships and media projects with the SAVE team, she was welcomed into her current position. Cara encourages students to go beyond just studying to truly apply yourself to your passions. When applying for internship positions, she cautions against being overly humble. Rather than repeating the rhetoric of a mission statement, she encourages using the statement of interest as an opportunity to speak genuinely about your skills and experiences.

“It’s okay to talk yourself up,” she says, in order to give the organization a clear picture of who you are and what you can bring to the table. Moreover, although some internships may be a bit tedious, Cara advocates doing each task with a smile. It’s important to be proactive and always ask if you can do more.

It is this very approach that will lead to an employment offer, says Cara. While her work with the Clinton Foundation is just beginning, Cara has big goals for the future. As she continues to explore her passions, she looks forward to attending law school and applying for fellowships to research abroad in Morocco. Cara’s passion and experiences advocating for gender equality serve as an inspiration for women everywhere, looking not just to break the glass ceiling, but to shatter it.

Emily Green

EMILY GREEN is a junior Diplomacy and Economics major, with a minor in French. Her interests include the maintenance of international peace and security, the humanitarian aspects of crises, and international organizations. She is currently an intern with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, where she covers Security Council proceedings. She hopes to one day enter the Foreign Service in the political track. Contact Emily at

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