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Fringe Sketch

Click the image to see the fringe sketch in more detail.

Surveillance Capitalism will have drastic effects upon many different industries in the up incoming future. This sketch provides the main areas affected by surveillance capitalism including the government, individuals, businesses, and technology, and how they are interconnected projecting the future when being affected by surveillance capitalism.

This fringe sketch displays the government that there will be advancements in surveillance with global surveillance becoming the new arms race. Countries will be putting numerous amounts of resources into advancements in surveillance technologies. Technology has been moving towards artificial intelligence and this will change the way we process these large amounts of data taken in from surveillance as well as find new uses for this surveillance technology to prevent and detect health crises. Surveillance directly affects individuals by the epistemic inequality of information shared from companies and government to individuals leading towards a distrust amongst individuals living in a possible future like 1984. Business is beginning to have unhealthy amounts of power when it comes to data and control information that should be public. Surveillance capitalism is a rapidly changing environment that if implemented correctly, may have positive future outcomes.