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Privacy Claims

Privacy Claims are issued whenever there is a problem with someone’s privacy. Hence, epistemic rights are most commonly the cause of which privacy is the effect.

As stated in the case of Warden v. Hayden:

Privacy involves the choice of the individual to disclose or to reveal what he believes, what he thinks, what he possesses …. the individual should have the freedom to select for himself the time and circumstances when he will share his secrets with others and decide the extent of that sharing.

Justice William O. Douglas

What this statement means is that while we all have the right to privacy, we also have the right to keep that privacy private. Privacy, however, is not the same as secrecy. Privacy is keeping certain experiences of your life to yourself, while secrecy is keeping some parts hidden from the outside world altogether.

Another case regarding privacy, Olmstead v. the United States stated the infamous quote:

[We have] the right to be left alone and protected from intrusive government surveillance.

-U.S. Justice Louis Brandeis

This statement is as simple as it can get. We have the right to be left alone, and nobody should be able to take that away. Especially not big corporations.

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