Rachel (Management Major, Minor in Legal Studies)

Focussed Research On:

  • Social/Ethical Implications of Synthetic Biology
    • Genome editing
    • CRISPR/Cas9
    • Biosecurity
    • Chinese efforts to build the largest genetic database
    • ¬†Biosafety
    • Superbugs
    • Bioeconomy
    • mRNA
  • Legal Implications
    • Pre-existing legal foundation
    • Coordinated Framework for Regulation of Biotechnology
    • Safety protocols
    • Socioeconomic impact assessments
    • Government regulation
    • Separation of church and state
  • Trends
  • Conclusion

Matt (Economics Major, Minor in Legal Studies, and certification in cyber security)

Focused Research on:

  • Biotechnologies (Specifically biocomputers and biosensors with a biological component)
  • Economic implications
  • Impacts on potential business regulation
  • Environmental effects and uses
  • Fringe Sketch
  • How it can be used to fight diseases and superbugs.
  • How it can be used for Bioterror.

Veronica (Business Administration Major, Minors in Social Work and Spanish, Certificate in IT Management)







Focused Research on:

  • Environmental Implications of synthetic biology
    • Fake meat
    • Pollinators
    • Gene drives
    • Microbes and the future of pandemics
    • Climate change
    • Axis of Uncertainty
  • Cultural Implications
    • Land redistribution and renewable energy resulting from the fake meat industry
  • Social Implications
    • Stem cell research and the ADA
    • Demographic trends
  • Executive summary

Sarah (Political Science and Minor in Legal Studies)

Focus Research on:

  • Political Implications
    • Existing Regulation
    • Missing Regulation
    • Impact on Political Climate
  • Cultural Implications
    • Culture Shock
    • Lack of Awareness of Synthetic Biology
    • Religion
  • Current Trends
    • SNP Profiling
    • Organoids / Asembloids
    • Engineered Mosquitos
    • Modified Cephalopods
    • Molecular Robotics
  • Weak Signal