UNESCO General Assembly: Resolution Update

By Alyssa Tolentino
Press Corps Writer

After rounds of debate on the proposed solutions, the UNESCO General Assembly finally agreed on and later passed two resolutions. Both resolutions call for more education in ethics, self-defense, and cite rules for journalists.

The first resolution encourages nations to hold the press accountable for their actions by tightening the requirements for credentials of journalists and taking actions against journalists who knowingly spread false information. In addition, a multinational task-force has been recommended to act as a “watchdog” to ensure that governments are not restricting the rights of journalists. The second resolution brings into effect a multinational advisory committee that creates a helpline for journalists in danger and advises journalists on the proper ethics of sourcing. Lastly, the second resolution calls upon increasing penalties for those who commit crimes against journalists.

The assembly’s hope is that these resolutions protect both journalists and the sovereignty of its members.


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